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Eeeegh Mmmmmmgh Wellllllllllllllll when you think about it!

What is a work of art?

A film I can remember last seeing that made an impact was 'Pulp Fiction' simply because that at the end, I hadn't a clue what was going on (well storey line that is) so i watched it again that night.

Toy storey, Ice age are good films because they make an impact on children of all ages and we are all children trying to be adults.

A film that was on last night which I've seen before was the Magdelane sisters, not a work of art visualy but as a true storey (probably exagerated) but not to say it didn't happen, my mother had experiance as a child being cared for in a relgious establishment similar to the story line.

I've just had a thought, a lot of war films I've seen were grusome but a reflection of actual war so titles such as Platoon, Saving Private Ryan and so on could be classed as 'works of art'

Tomorrow I'll wake up and check this and think.......Did I.............
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