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Whilst I wouldn't allow my children in their house, had that been a friend of one of my children, I'd have happily invited her into my home. If the child was very, very poor and had an awful home life, my maternal instincts would be to show a bit of empathy, not exclude her.

I never judge my childrens' friends by their parents - if you are a friend of my children, you are welcome in my house.
You're an awesome mom and I bet your kids turn out to be thoughtful, charitable and kind.
I've met and worked some people with incredible pedigree including a dude who is a KBE. They were genuinely lovely people. All of the posh people I know are confident and secure of their position in life and wouldn't dream of behaving like this Katie Hopkins creature. My son has had friends whose parents wouldn't be my choice of friends, but the kids were great. I feel sorry for Katie Hopkins' kids.
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