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^ This ^

There are all types of people in prison , for all sorts of different crimes.
I have a neighbour whose son was sent to prison , the family had been harassed on almost a daily basis by a gang of local youths , one day he completely lost it and attacked the boys with a metal pole , seriously injuring one young lad.
He rightly spent a few years in jail , it could have been worse , but due to the provocation , his sentence was less than it could have been.
His family suffered though ,his children were targeted at school , nasty comments shouted after his wife and his parents , basically life was made difficult for his whole family.
Did he deserve to go to jail , yes , his reaction was way over the top.
Did his family deserve to be punished with him , no , none of that was their doing.
Not everyone in prison is a Mafia Don type , crimes much the same as criminals vary.
Sometimes the family left behind are victims too.
This reminds me of the Channel 4 TV programme Shameless, about people living on a scummy, run down council estate in Manchester, claiming benefits for years on end and using the money to have sex and buy lots of booze to get drunk all the time.

Also, it reminds me a bit of the movie This Is England, about a group of teenagers from run-down council estates, trying to have the time of their lives during the Summer of 1983. Before they have to go back to school.
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