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It's the kid I feel sorry for, along with her 3 other kids. Depressing news.
Another kid she won't give a s**t about in a few years time unless there's money to be made

She barely gives a s**t about the current 3 as it is
No,it's a baby.
All that chatting to Chantelle Houghton paid dividends then. Two miracle pregnancies . Who woulda thunk it.
Oh God ,those poor kids she already has are history. If they were lacking her attention before, then this will be the death knell to them getting any from here on in.
You have no idea how sad I find this.My worst nightmare ----a chav millionaire popping out 4 by 3. And her TWIT(er)S will be drooling & fauning over her endlessly . I need to go be sick.
It's all part of the deal, she gets knocked up he gets a whole new lifestyle paid for and can play out with Gary and his cronies. No "emotional ties"

She can then sell kiddie and "family" to the rags (who bothers to pay for it, fools if they do as its all old hat). Another money making machine for a short while
Why do you people think she is a bad mother. Yes she has been annoying in the media but she always comes across as a decent mum and she has done really well with Harvey. The only thing she has done wrong is maybe introducing the kids to her new partners too soon, but that is no worse than 'saint pete' having them on camera all the time, I know Katie used to do this but that was when the children were too young to understand and would have found it exciting but at least she stopped wanting them to be photographed once they got bigger and could understand so they could have some normality. Also, she has made a lot of money to give them a secure future too.
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