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As I mentioned for good reasons, why isn't anyone listening?
We are listening, but your reasons seem rather thin. OK, Infinity is not available where you are, but maybe you are in one of the areas where a reliable ADSL service is impossible above a low speed. Even at that, however, you will be within the bounds of "up to" a certain speed level (which is all most ISPs normally guarantee - not just BT), even though with long lines reliability, even at that speed, may be impossible to achieve.

Don't forget that there are some parts of the country where Broadband is still not available at all, and perhaps you are on the cusp of that situation.

You certainly seen to be cutting off your nose to spite your face in saying that, as a matter of principal, you would not change to fibre if it became available.

As I was getting up to 100 disconnections per hour, I couldn't move fast enough to rid myself of an ADSL service which couldn't give me reliable connections above about 1.7 Mbps to pay about 3 a month more to get 37Mbps running with full reliability (so far for nearly 2 years).
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