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Why do you people think she is a bad mother. Yes she has been annoying in the media but she always comes across as a decent mum and she has done really well with Harvey. The only thing she has done wrong is maybe introducing the kids to her new partners too soon, but that is no worse than 'saint pete' having them on camera all the time, I know Katie used to do this but that was when the children were too young to understand and would have found it exciting but at least she stopped wanting them to be photographed once they got bigger and could understand so they could have some normality. Also, she has made a lot of money to give them a secure future too.
Simple really, whatever standard you hold as being a "decent" mother is worlds apart from many others who think she is a p*ss poor excuse for one.
I fail to see why you drag PA into this thread...oh and the only reason she stopped having them on camera was because they were getting more attention than her, it showed up just how wooden and selfish she is with the children and to point score...hence the desperation to have a new money maker in the way of another baby.
As for Harvey....she has done bugger all with him and it is highly insulting to his full time carers and schools.....she has so little to do with him she is told to stay out of the way on the odd occasion she is around because it would disrupt his know the routine she bleats on about, yet has no problem whatsoever in dragging back to his home these random strangers: rolleyes: and p8ssing off on her jollies with the latest no mark.
No doubt these children will be subject to the next round of abuse she aims at this latest idiot, whilst she belittles him and reminds him he's a "no-one" and that "it's all about her" whilst she endlessly googles herself.....however if she doesn't get p*ssed whilst pregnant or have sex with yet another no mark at eight months pregnant, sell the sordid details for her much loved grubby money she will probably be hailed as mother earth
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