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Bringing man after man into the house which causes undoubted confusion and upheaval to the kids makes her a bad mum. The example she sets for her kids through past actions (which they will learn about) will be damaging.

I don't care if she loves her kids. 99% of parents love their kids. She needs to put them first and stop living her life like a circus and going through men like it's going out of fashion. You can't behave like that when you have children.

She is not a good mother for those reasons.
Good old Kev is proving to be an investment well made

I think she's an appalling Mother. She barely sees them as it is; her Mother does the majority of the childcare whilst she has her hair sewn in, her tits and fanny operated on ad nauseam.

Still, another one to make some out of from now until the end of time.
Can't argue with these posts.

She really is a vile creature. A hideous, dead eyed, attention seeking, grasping crone with no redeeming features what so ever.

So she's terrified because of her past miscarriages but she announces her pregnancy the second the blue line appears - well done love, very good of you to do this selfless thing for your *fans*.

So Kevin is guaranteed his pay off and a place in IAC or CBB 2014. What a career move for the desperate wannabe, knocking up Pwicey. bet your parents are so proud son.

How long til the tweets of the bump? This is gonna be a long 8 months
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