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All of the posh people I know are confident and secure of their position in life and wouldn't dream of behaving like this Katie Hopkins creature. My son has had friends whose parents wouldn't be my choice of friends, but the kids were great. I feel sorry for Katie Hopkins' kids.
You make a good point with the word 'secure'. Perhaps despite her children's benefits in life (nice home - obviously pots of money) Katie isn't so secure in her belief in her own children's 'cleverness' believing that they can 'catch' it from other people.

How awful for her kids - to have a mother who thinks you're a bit dim.

With regard to an earlier comment on Kerry Katona's child getting a scholarship to a posh school. Good on her - BUT I'm always quite angry when I read of kids from homes that CAN afford a private education (and Kerry Katona CAN afford it despite her protestations of poverty) who then go on to win something like a scholarship - which is supposed to benefit those bright children whose parents couldn't in a million years afford to buy them. I'm speaking from someone I know. Years ago I worked at a company when we got a new Director of Education. He was on over 80K a year then (I'm talking 25 years ago) had a home in London and a holiday home in the Highlands. The first thing he did when he was introduced to us was to brag about how his son had won a scholarship to a posh school.
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