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This whole character irritates me. I love strong women: Caitlin Moran, for example. But Katie Hopkins is a shallow, snobby bitch! And to say that she needs to behave like a man in business to succeed? Possibly one of the most annoying traits of anti-feminism.
Eurgh. What a piece of work.
I agree. She's the worst type of female manager. She thinks you can only get on by being a backstabbing bitch or acting like a man. Although it appears she isn't adverse to sh*gging her way to a promotion.

Women like her give career girls a bad name. Her type will stab anyone in the back to climb the ladder and then do all they can to stop other women succeeding. Michelle Mone had her number on You're Fired and she didn't like it at all. Real top businesswoman like to encourage and nurture others, not crush them.
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