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That and the fact she was always b*ggering off to the States for Botox, hair extensions and dental work, leaving her kids in the care of her mum and nannies. Not to mention all the holidays she's had without them.

IMO she just views her kids as a money making opportunity and I'm sure she'll make sure this one gets on the celeb rag pages when it's born. Despite the fact she's said she won't have them filmed any more, she's not above posting cosy pics of the kids cooking with Kevin on Twitter.

She's not physically abusive to the children, but she emotionally abuses them by the constant procession of different men in her life, and not being there for 50% of the time. What do the poor things think when she rolls up with yet another 'uncle'/prospective stepdad? She may not be a 'bad' mother, but she's a pretty poor excuse for one.
Indeed a will there be a "Mommie Dearest" book from Princess in 20 years time. Or will she be by then as messed up as her mother.
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