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Shes not the best of mothers (due to her live in b/f and hubs) but shes definitely not the worst, she is secure enough to provide for her kids both financially and emotionally due to her healthy bank balance and the fact that her kids have always been surrounded and supported by their own loving family members
She has cared for harvey just as well as the countless mums out there who care for their own special kids, who dont have KP financial advantages or time to turn that advantage into raising awareness or funds for children like harvey as KP has done.
As far as doing this to knock PA off the headlines(or something like that) as one poster stated, yes while I believe Alex was to hit back at PA, once she came to her senses, she realised the best way to hurt PA is to simply via his huge ego, not take the bait and ignore him, just like shes doing now over the stories about her that he and his little mate wootton are cooking up, and he will always hate and compete with her for that reason, even if it means him selling his kids childhood in a show, or using them for headlines everytime she meets someone else instead of acting like any other normal parent would do, and privately go through the legal channels
In other words....she can carry on her skanky behaviour and continue to expose her kids to random long as the grubby money keeps rolling in so she can chuck it at others to look after the physical and emotional well being of her children.

I really don't know how you can mention any vague input she has with Harvey other than throwing her filthy money at others to care for him with other insulting...and does this selfless charity work include the p*ssing off from a charity event to fill her t,v show and bring home the next penis? that's how much her children and charity work mean to her so forgive me if I don't fawn over the moron in that department.

And why do you insist on dragging PA into this???
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