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Not sure how you can solely blame Gordon Brown for a global recession? I couldn't stand the man, but lets not get away with ourselves, most of the Western World is in a financial mess and in fact the UK is probably better off than a lot of places. Greece, Spain and our neighbours Ireland come to mind.

There are so many things wrong with your comment I don't know where to start? I assume you think we should hark back to the days when a women's place was in the home, chained to the sink running about after her man?
I think the fact think "Birds of a Feather" was a fly on the wall documentary provides a clue to their reasoning skills. Assuming they aren't just trolling. Hard to tell on here sometimes.

As for the charitable donation - good for her. It is commendable to think about which charities actually need support, and not just go for something fashionable.
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