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In other words....she can carry on her skanky behaviour and continue to expose her kids to random long as the grubby money keeps rolling in so she can chuck it at others to look after the physical and emotional well being of her children.

I really don't know how you can mention any vague input she has with Harvey other than throwing her filthy money at others to care for him with other insulting...and does this selfless charity work include the p*ssing off from a charity event to fill her t,v show and bring home the next penis? that's how much her children and charity work mean to her so forgive me if I don't fawn over the moron in that department.

And why do you insist on dragging PA into this???

Always makes me chuckle (in a rather despondent, rolly eye type way) when people attempt to justify this creature's mothering skills by espousing her financial status. Yes, she has money. There is, however, far more to parenting than just money.

I personally don't think she's emotionally attuned to her kids (that is my opinion from footage I have seen of them together) and it simply cannot be good for them to have a constant stream of Daddies. Harvey, especially, needs stability and security and it must be so confusing for him to have so much change in the family setting. She seems to care more about her hair, make up, nails, botox, fillers and tit jobs than she does about spending time with her children. She's emotionally bereft, vain, shallow and void of any compassion.

There is no way on God's earth that this marriage will last longer than 2 years - and that's being optimistic. Like her kids, her husbands/boyfriends are simply toys that she casts aside once she gets bored. Now that Kev has done what he was employed to do - impregnate her - he will become surplus to requirements more quickly than she can drop her knickers.
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