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I can't say I'm the slightest bit surprised she's just announced she's pregnant, as when I saw her wedding pics a few weeks ago, her 'baby bump' was already clearly showing. Of course, there was always the possibility she'd just eaten a huge meal, but my money was on the first option and still is.

I agree with the other posters saying she's more than 5 weeks gone and that despite the 'premature' claims she'll no doubt be making in a few months time, the baby will weigh in at a healthy full-term weight. Not that she'll admit that ~ she'll simply knock a few pounds off its actual birth weight in order to back up her lies.

I wouldn't be at all surprised either if it is Leandro's baby. Maybe he had it on his toes totally unaware he had knocked her up *shudder* and by the time she realised, she had already hooked up with Keith or whatever his name is and thought "Oh well, he'll do." After all, there couldn't have been more than a few days between Leo's departure and Keith climbing into her still-warm bed, so realistically, either of them could be the father. Talk about sloppy seconds!

It's as clear as day to me that this whole disgusting charade is a desperate knee-jerk reaction to several factors: i) Leo finally wising up and running for the hills; ii) PA's new-found happiness with a younger, naturally prettier, intelligent woman and iii) the loss of media interest in her sad, pathetic, self-obsessed life.

For those defending her as a 'good mother', especially for the fact she has a disabled son, well, I prefer to save my praise and admiration for those who truly deserve it ~ mothers who care for their disabled children without all the help from family, nannies and specialist treatment that Krusty uses her grubby money to pay for.
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