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I watched it again and while it's very watchable there were still some let downs for me. I felt they painfully underused Javier Bardem. He played the part given to him brilliantly as always but they could have done so much more with him I felt.. perhaps even having him escape at the end of Skyfall and carry forward into the next movie. He deserved a bigger plot. Perhaps even some scenes where Bond felt some sympathy towards him and had to battle his own personal demons of having been shot etc.

I'd have played it out with the final scene being:


I feel Daniel Craig played the part excellently in this film. He showed very real signs of age and a vulnerability we've not seen from Bond for a long time. He did well and I think he's established himself now in the role. Another 2-3 movies for him I'm guessing. Maybe more if they continue to rake in the money.

I agree with someone above. In a way it's a shame this wasn't his first Bond movie.
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