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Wow! I think this article shows her to be a bit psychotic tbh. With her attitude, her children are not going to learn what tolerance, compassion and kindness are, it's more likely they'll be fixated on their social status, money and judging others by their outward appearances. It's also more likely that they'll grow up to be cardboard cutouts of this woman's judgemental, shallow self. If I cared enough, those would not be the type of people I'd like mixing with my child.

However, I don't actually care which children my son chooses to play with because I have absolute faith in him and his abilities, something maybe this mad women ought to try having herself for her children. Social status should not matter at all, but the emotional well being and happiness of the child should always be of paramount importance.

I do hope Charmaine's mum (if they even exist) can rise above this silly womans actions and come out of it the better person. I'd find it very difficult not to find her at the school gates and give her what for.
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