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Why...? her kids are obviously very well cared for. Junior is turning into a right little pain though, thanks to daddy Pete allowing him to act up in front of the cameras all the time. She's a good mum - just because you don't like a woman does not mean you have to call her a bad mother.
So it's never crossed your mind that Junior "acting" up has naff all to do with his mother bringing endless random strangers into his home, who puts her self and her skinny, vain arse first every time, who listens to his mother tell the latest penis that it's "all about her and not to forget it", who listens to his mother talk to her own mother and other's being spoken to like sh*t.
He watches whilst she can not have a day out with the children without whinging, whining, texting, and rushing off for some dentist emergency or other words not a rat's arse about anyone but herself and ensuring that EVERYTHING is about her??
Interestingly all those that want to defend this skank can only define being a "good" mother can only muster the preposterous evidence that others take care of her kids, for which she pays with her grubby money she earns being a tramp, a sleaze and exposing her children to an unstable homelife, where she is frequently absent or dragging home the next penis.
If she were living in social housing and doing the same without the money to pay others to do the grunt work of childcare..would she still be a "good" mum.
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