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I think the only time she's looked really happy is when she was with Pete.

Others will disagree but, imo, he is the true love of her life and she will never get over him. Every ridiculous stunt she has pulled in the last few years has been a reaction to him daring to leave her.
I don't agree. I'm certainly no expert on her life, but I did watch her get together with Peter Andre in the jungle, and even as it unfolded, it seemed that he genuinely felt affection towards her, whilst her robot-like mind was ticking over and seeing pound signs. I think the true love of her life was probably Dwight Yorke, and after he abandoned her and Harvey it broke her. When you look at photos of her over the years, that's when her eyes died. [IMO]

She provides for her kids financially, but bringing new men into their lives on a regular basis and jaunts abroad for beauty treatments sure as hell isn't providing them with anything emotionally. They may well have their father and grandmother around if she isn't, but that's no substitute for a mother. She has a disabled child - so do many other mothers without the means and money that KP has. I'll save my admiration for them if you don't mind.

And just why did you have to bring Andre into things? This is about Katie Price, not him.
I do think it's difficult to have a sensible conversation about Jordan and her parenting skills without bringing Peter Andre into it. I think she used him just to keep her name in the papers, and it worked. Having seen about 5 minutes of their joint reality show, I have never seen anything like it - she was unspeakably nasty to him. I don't know the other side to the story and don't much care, but she doesn't seem to have any love or affection in her whatsoever. Of course, it's entirely possible that the few moments I saw were entirely unrepresentative of her behaviour as a whole.

I imagine a lot of kids of famous parents, as they grow older, proudly google their parents work to get an idea of how they became famous..

I'm sure Junior, Princess and Harvey will be absolutely enthralled and proud at their Mother's finest work:

Dane Bowers' toe
The mobile phone up the foo foo
Various plastic titty and mi*ge shots
Her progression from very pretty young woman to appallingly disfigured plastic, nylon haired, creosoted, caterpillar eyebrowed drag queen esque monster
Her various 'books'
Her columns criticising any woman who dares to be prettier and more desirable than her - i.e. Kelly Brook

Gosh, they will be delighted and will in no way be teased by their schoolmates
This. The only time you see her in the press is when she's being f*cked on a balcony or is semi-naked in a club... what a delightful legacy.

Congratulations to Katie. I don't understand this whole thing about her being a 'bad mother'. She may not be mother Theresa but she does love her kids no doubt. Some people have also mentioned that she does not put her kids first??? - I think she does - When she first had Harvey she took him with her to work everyday, I know this because I watched her BBC documentary. She's providing for her children and at the end of the day it's her life and unless you're perfect you should judge other people because ultimately this situation could happen to you (Marry more than once). Finally, since when was having a bit of 'help' a reason to call someone a bad mother???? Yes, her mother helps her out because KP is not the average person and hasn't got the average 9-5 job. Also, if anyone of you have seen her signings she usually takes the kids with her, I don't understand this whole 'she's a bad mother' - shes not the best but definetly not the worst either.
A decent mother would perhaps have stopped selling her life to the public at the point where her children might begin to be affected by it. Do you honestly believe she's utterly in love with this latest one, and was desperate to have his child? What I do believe is that she desperately wanted to increase her public shelf-life. She was 'desperately' trying for a baby with old bag-of-spanners-face Reid, then again with the last pretty boy... now BINGO.

I think it's so sad. She was quite a pretty girl who could never have imagined what she would turn into. I wonder what the 1995 version of her would say to today's version.
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