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Katie Price is pregnant again "I'm so happy I can't believe I get to bring another life into the world to nurture & love it" said her nanny!

Saw this tweet on Twitter thought it was funny haha

Being a bad parent doesn't just mean you are hurting them in a physical way, my ex loves our son i know that, but he never puts him first, he only sees him for 2hrs every two weeks as it clashes with his season ticket to his fav footie team, now when my son was young(KPs kids ages) it never dawned on him but now he is a teenager it hurts him and every fortnight i get the aftermath of his visit with his dad and the why doesn't he love me enough chat...i tell him his dad does love him (as much as it kills me as i see my sons pain the next time he lets him down) so just because KPs kids are happy now...don't think that it won't effect them in later life.
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