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What mess...

Who's laughing...?

And if I had her bank balance I wouldn't care if people split their sides! go file a report to social services if you are so concerned about her kids

If you can't see what a mess her sorry life is then I'm not going to start telling you.

Who's laughing? Most sentient people who see this repugnant skank as nothing but a media desperado who will stop at nothing to get attention. This latest stunt is nothing but attention seeking. She's no more in love with him than you or I are - he's just a convenient penis and excuse.

If you think it's acceptable to introduce bloke after bloke after bloke into your kid's lives (1 of whom needs stability and security due to his condition) then fair enough - we obviously have different ideas about parenting.

You brought social services into this - no mention of them from me.

As for her bank balance The rate she spends, it won't last forever. There's more to life than money - self respect, dignity etc...
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