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I imagine a lot of kids of famous parents, as they grow older, proudly google their parents work to get an idea of how they became famous..

I'm sure Junior, Princess and Harvey will be absolutely enthralled and proud at their Mother's finest work:

Dane Bowers' toe
The mobile phone up the foo foo

Various plastic titty and mi*ge shots
Her progression from very pretty young woman to appallingly disfigured plastic, nylon haired, creosoted, caterpillar eyebrowed drag queen esque monster
Her various 'books'
Her columns criticising any woman who dares to be prettier and more desirable than her - i.e. Kelly Brook

Gosh, they will be delighted and will in no way be teased by their schoolmates

I was waiting for those to pop up. Surprised it took as many pages as it did!

Apple was taken by Gwinnie and Chris. KP could call her new accessory Samsung!
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