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On the subject of Katie being a good mum.... can you seriously imagine her getting up at the crack of dawn each morning to make the kids breakfast, then washing and dressing them, making sure they've got everything they need for school, then taking them to school... coming back, tidying up, putting the washing on.... ALL BY HERSELF? Without the aid of a friend, relative or nanny to chip in? Can you imagine her picking them up from school, making their dinner, playing with them, reading to them, bathing them and putting them to bed... ALL BY HERSELF? I've yet to see Katie spend any time with her kids without having a tribe of helpers/friends and relatives by her side. I'm NOT saying that makes her a BAD mother, but to call her a good mother must mean those of us who do all of this and more without the aid of helpers must be totally amazing! lol

I'm in no doubt that she loves her kids but I fail to see how she manages to spend any quality time with them when she has so much to fit in around her almost daily hair appointments, nails, spray tans, dental issues, shopping, work outs surgeries, boyfriends, regular holidays w/o the kids and the odd business/work meeting she has to go to.

Oh and imo, Alex Reid was a F/U to Pete... (as in, look see how quickly I got over you) Leandro was a F/U to Alex... and Kieran is a F/U to Leandro. And the woman is a pathological liar!

She may like to think she's following in the footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor, but she's more like a female Darren Day to me lol
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