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I would think the same thing, really. I don't blame Jones at all if he supected that. From the little I read, the senior executives (and Rippon) were the ones who didn't trust Jones much. The journalists at Newsnight seem to have a much better opinion of him. And, IMO, I already find doubtful the testimony of any senior executive or producer who worked there for years and says something like "I never heard any dark rumour about Savile". It was a quite common rumour at BBC, this is obvious.

We don't know BBC internal policies, we don't know if an investigation is halted on one show, the person producing it can find another one to broadcast. Maybe it is not a "written law" but an unspoken one. Frankly, if an investigation on something was halted on a show I'm part of, for whatever reason, and I was somehow involved in it's production, I would feel betrayed if they took it to another show in the same network.

IMO, anyone would think it was a cover-up. Savile was DEAD. If they felt it was a "taste" thing, why not wait a few months.? Why not ask for more witnesses? Savile's revelations would explode sooner and later, the BBC should have bradcasted this story, with or without Jones. Why BBC producers changed the focus of the story of Savile's paedophilia to a police cover-up?
Helen Boaden and I think Peter Rippon say Merion is an excellent investigative journalist but they suspect him leaking, it doesn't mean they don't respect his work as a journalist.

Jeremy Paxman agrees Merion Jones is an experienced journalist but his next comment is blanked out.

Despite some further comments being redacted I think we can work out the gist when Nick Pollard asks..

Just to go back to the description of investigative journalists generally as always obsessive and often a bit driven and sometimes a bit-- a bit highly strung?

Nick asks Jeremy how investigative journalists/producers should be handled, part of Jeremy's response is....

.... they are an obsessive, unusual, people....
The rest is redacted

One might accept Merion jumping to conclusions in his mind but without any evidence email various friends asserting certain matters as fact ?

Bizzarely the Oldie the mazaine that first ran the Newsnight cover up story had one of its contributors arrested for sexual assault following an appearance in the Savile Exposure TV programme.
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