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These type of feuds is what turned me completely off of Boy George. He wants to play the victim and say the 1D fans are so awful and they are immature, but George takes no responsibility for the fact that he started the whole feud. They wouldn't be attacking him if he hadn't tweeted something negative about Liam in the first place complaining about him not signing for his niece using bad language. George has kept this whole twitter feud alive by continuing to respond to the 1D fans using the same bad language they do. Yes, they are immature and stupid, but George is a 50 year old man. He should rise above it and be more mature. But George likes feuds and likes attention. He eggs them on and encourages them.
I don't buy the new George that he is humble and a changed man. It's all hype. This whole feud is back to his old pattern of picking fights with other celebrities to get attention. If he had really changed, he'd be focusing on finishing and releasing a new album, not continuing this silly feud.
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