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He IS a true star. As for Liam, he needs a good slap round the legs!! Silly child.

Great post

They're just getting desperate now, stooping to any level to get back at George and he's way too intelligent for them. They really are a sorry bunch.
If George were really a star, he'd release a new album like he has promised. If George were really intelligent, he'd ignore the 1D fans instead of responding to them on twitter thereby egging them on. George is just as sorry as they are using this feud for attention. A lot of Boy George fans worship his over the top bitchy personality that gets into these feuds. I used to be a fan, but his whole personality turns me off. I'd wish he'd focus on his music instead of this nonsense.
Plus, the whole thing is very hypocritical on George's part because he has often turned down fans' request for autographs and shouted abuse at them for asking. He's in no position to criticize someone for doing the same thing he does all the time.
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