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I have just noticed a new campaign for Lighterlite and they have changed it from Pauline Quirke to someone else, I just wanted to know if PQ has kept the weight off or if she had put it back on, I supposed that if she had kept the weight off they would be only too happy to re-employ her for at least another year, as Lighterlite was always seen as a temporary weight loss programme and PQ could have proved otherwise,so any news of Miss Quirke?
Have read that she has put some weight back on, but what does anyone expect with a diet like this. It is obvious that if you restrict your body to a silly amount of calories a day, you will lose weight, once you start eating what they call 'sensible', you will, of course put weight back on purely because you are eating extra calories. The only proven way of losing weight is eating sensibly and doing some exercise, it's not rocket science.
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