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Of course Mr Blobby & Noel Edmonds had a falling out in the mid 1990s resulting in both largely falling from the public eye. Largely disillusioned with showbiz Mr Blobby enrolled at Exeter University and went on to earn a MSc in financial analysis and fund management, BSc in pure mathematics, statistics and mathematical sciences and a Masters in behavioural and biological psychology.

With his newly gained mathematical skills he reconciled with the former Radio 1 DJ & 1970s TOTP host (who was by now envious how his one time rival Saturday mornings kid TV presenter Chris Tarrant had done with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) to reunite to produce the highly popular teatime Channel 4 gameshow that is still going to this day where Mr Blobby (who both agreed was better to be heard rather than seen) can be heard on a daily basis via his Blobby human voice converter (or "The Banker" as he is now referred to in reference to a memorable 1992 "Gotcha" episode of Noel's House Party by former England Rugby Union captain Will Carling) relaying his financial offers to Edmonds via telephone.
Priceless!...and far more credible than some of the showbiz guff you hear!
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