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Hi Gigi4

I hope you don't mind me asking you this but I have wondered if there was one particular thing that happened which has made you so critical of George. Your posts always seem quite angry...............and I'm a nosey devil.
It's not one thing. It's a combination of many things. It's just his overall personality of attacking other people like Madonna, George Michael, the other members of Culture Club. Not to mention he committed a violent crime against another human being which he has never shown any remorse for. Plus, he endlessly promises his fans all these great albums but he never releases them and breaks his promises. George has done a lot of questionable things, but everyone lets him off the hook. Look on this forum at how other celebrities are criticized like Madonna and George Michael. But BG is always let off the hook. People criticize Madonna constantly, but it's accepted. They aren't called out as called angry as you just did about my comments about George.
Also, why am I the angry one? George is a very angry bitter person. Just follow him on twitter and you will see what I"m talking about. I think a lot of people see George through rose coloured glasses, but I don't. Actually, if you go to one of his websites, you will see a lot of his fans have the same complaints as I do. But I think a lot of people are scared of the wrath of George. He surfs the Internet and he will send bullying messages to anyone that dares criticize him. He will block people on twitter for the silliest of reasons. I'm not a hateful person at all. If you look at my posts on here, you will see I hardly ever criticize other celebrities or various musical artists. Trust me, if I'm angry at George, I have many valid reasons. He's not the saint a lot of his deluded fans think he is.
You may not follow him that closely, but if you do, I think you know everyone I say about him is true.
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