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I think smaller boobs look a lot better in an outfit like this. Klum's fab boobs look like spaniels ears in that pic; Britney actually looks demure and sophisticated in comparison IMHO.
I thought the complete opposite, I think her boobs look good. They look better than mine would in a dress like that anyway, and I'm 14 years younger than her and haven't had 4 children.

I agree that smaller boobs look better in that kind of dress, I don't think I'd have the guts to wear a dress like that. If you've got biggish boobs you end up looking a bit slutty. However, I think Heidi just about pulls it off - it's not really Oscars appropriate but she still looks beautiful. I do think her face is very gaunt though and she's starting to look a bit haggard, she's too thin.
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