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Slightly off the topic of her pregnancy/mothering skills... What exactly is her target demographic these days? I know in the old page 3 days it was blokes, then she moved onto calendars and so on, still blokes... But although I know blokes who were quite happy to look at her then, when she was young and reasonably natural-looking, I don't know anybody who would buy her titty calendar (does she still do those?). Not only doesn't she look human any more, but anybody who wanted to see what she's got, saw it years ago!

So then there were her books () for which the target audience was ?presumably female? And then the pink horsey stuff, presumably aimed at little girls. I think the horsey stuff mostly went into the bargain bin, there was a short-lived hair styling range...

I guess my question is - who exactly is it who's buying her stuff, lining her pockets? (aside from the Sun, Daily Mail & co)
I think the reason she wants a baby is to give her some much needed attention from the paps. probably signed up already for pregnancy / birth pictures. Then constant pictures of her with her child being a perfect hands on Mum.
I remember watching a programme with her in hospital just before having junior.She was younger then and still had some pull. I think this time round this forum will be posting about her but, not in the way she would hope.
dreadful woman, she hardly sees her kids now, how many extra nannies will she employ for this one?
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