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I honestly don't get why she gets so much criticism. She fell pregnant to a man who left and now plays no part in his child's life. Unfortunately she chose a wrongun there. Her marriage with Peter didn't work out, that happens some times, but they had two children. Yes she's been married since then (not including this one), but it's hardly like she's popped out a baby with every man she's been with. Sometimes you have children with people and those relationships don't work out, it doesn't make her some kind of slapper.

Since Peter she was Alex for nearly 2 years, then she was Leandro for a year and a half. This one has been rather rushed, I give you that, but I don't buy into this "She brings all these different men into her childrens lives" stuff.
BIB - That's more luck than anything else as she was having IVF with Alex (and claimed he must be the one with a fertility problem as it couldn't be her). I also think she was trying with Leo at one point as well. She's almost certainly only married Kevin because she got pregnant with him. I think she's more concerned with having another kid than who the actual baby father is.
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