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She's already got a baby/kids clothes range. Not sure anyone's buying them though as they all seem to be reduced in price!
This proves that she's not the mega successful business-woman some claim. This and the equestrian range. Horse owners are more likely to aspire to the Zara Phillips collection than to emulate Jordan.
And who, pushing a new baby, wants it to have a Katie Price emblam across it's chest? Professional women? Maybe they'd buy her eyelashes, but have people judge them on their standards as a mother?
If her fans are young girls, then she is targeting the wrong areas.
And if she wanted to be all respectable and horsey/motherly then she hasn't behaved accordingly in the press, even though she's tried to say less. What she has said has been very much below par. Examples before I'm quizzed -

1. "I f**ked Alex up the arse with a vodka bottle."
2. On a different occasion in a gay bar announced to the crowd that she's done strap-on sex.
3."Women with disabled kids dress them really Molly".
4. Used her Scum column to call Kelly B a heffer, insulting most of the UK female population.
5. Attacked an ex friend on twitter & pointed out the fact the woman had done soft porn years ago and that her and Leandro had just watched it.
All the above was done whilst holding 'Mother of the year' title.
This is KP keeping out of the media and not doing interviews. It's a good thing she's keeping tight lipped isn't it?
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