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I agree. I would struggle to find a photo of me smiling because I hate having my photo taken. I'm sure, if I was a celeb, I'd be being slagged off as a miserable cow but I'm as far removed from a sourpuss as you can get.

I like VB. When I've seen her speak, she seems like a warm and witty woman with a great sense of humour and irony. So what if she doesn't want to do an impression of a Cheshire cat every time a pap is in sight.
I'm exactly the same, I don't think I've ever had a photo taken of me smiling open mouthed.

Plus, 90% of the photos we see of VB are of her walking down the street. I doubt anyone walks down the street grinning, especially if there's a score of paps in your face. I remember reading an interview with her once where she said she hated her smile/teeth, and now she doesn't allow herself to be photographed smiling because she knows it'll be a huge deal.
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