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And what happened to James Corden?

He used to have character - albeit too smug with it! Anyone seen him presenting The Brits awards? Wow, talk about bland and very he has a character by-pass. What a disappointment - he's gone too much in the other direction in order to curry favour. How sad.
He's grown up a bit. Ive always liked him with his 'arrogant' act, the same as Ricky Gervais, but even he admits he acted like a dick sometimes.

If were talking the Brits, he did make it clear last year thats it wasnt about him and he was just 'linking' the show together.

Hes married with a son now and a little more sensible but still funny.

Mathew Horne was most recently in Bad Education with Jack Whitehall which was rubbish.
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