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she rushed to marry a guy she has known for a few months.
She rushed to have a baby with this guy
I bet she will rush to get rid of him once he steps out of line....another sucker for her to toy with. A decent guy wouldn't go near her with her track record. The ones she will get are just interested in her money and getting a leg up on the z-list ladder. Same old routine. She doesn't learn by her mistakes (she probably doesn't see that she makes any!).

If Kev is still around for the OK Christmas cover I will be amazed.
Oh he'll be around. This one is more pliable & will cling to the death no matter how much she insults him or ridicules him.He is probably mentally working out a one or two year policy for the marriage. If he can last that long he can screw a decent settlement on top of anything he earns during the contracted 'marriage'. Then we'll have the wrangling over visitation/access to his sprog & her lawyers will be on overtime again .She is so thick she can't see that her need to control every facet of things & refusal to give an inch is losing her money hand over fist to lawyers. THEY are the ones laughing up their sleeves while she scrabbles around for more moneymaking projects to pay them.No wonder her bro took control of her finances. She thinks 2+2=7. Freak.
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