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He is a very jealous, bitchy and insecure person, he always has been..and he has an aggressive nasty streak (he went to jail for a reason) he also bitched about Prince non stop in the 80s too, and probably still does.

There is actually a video of him and Marilyn probably off their heads on something from 1986 and he said Prince was only world famous/made it in the 1980s because of him! as he Boy George paved the way for him because Prince dressed a certain way and he started off the gender bender androgeny thing..em no that what Bowie in the 70's. Prince although wore make up but everyone did in the 80s even bloody rock groups wore it. It really peed me off, especially as Prince had been releasing albums since the late 70's but then became huge and crossed over thanks to MTV and his 1999 album.

George is so full of himself, its unreal. I watched the Blitz kids documentary about the infamous club they all went to before George/the new romantic groups got famous and George just sat like a big fat fishwife bitching about everyone! he never stops about Marilyn, poor Marilyn who was so beautiful back in the day..he had the looks George wanted and he is still seething over it, even though the man lost his looks George still bitches about him. I bet he watched that documentary and went nuts because Marilyn got a fair bit of attention in it.

I just can't watch him being interviewed he is so catty and up himself, he also does this fake laugh thing which is so annoying. Also to me he seems very dishonest, you can tell he is a compulsive liar. I would not believe anything he said.
Fake laugh?? And how can you tell if he's a compulsive liar, even now he's been clean for 5 years? You have to remember he spent a good few years on drugs, and drug addicts do lie.

You're talking about George in the past, and the whole Marilyn thing is in the past too. Him and Marilyn are good friends again now.

George has always been lovely but his natural niceness and ability to be loving and caring got lost in a mire of drugs, anger and bitterness. He's changed a lot since prison; As a fan, I never wanted to see him go down but it did him good, and he's changed for the better.
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