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Can you not say "pregnant" and she is a married woman. Who cares how many kids they have. They pay for them. They're not claiming benefits to support them. The couple seem perfectly happy together.

I really do detest the amount of negativity in this forum. It's ridiculous.

Oh diddums. We'll fail to mention the huge number of negative posts you have contributed over the years as another poster has already mentioned. Nothing to do with stalking, this is a public forum where what we write is available to view. Complete hypocrisy to talk about negativity when you regularly write negative posts about various celebrities.

A recent observation on Chris & Rihanna:

More like Sid and Nancy. Both as talentless as each other.

I agree with you - but then I don't whinge about negativity

She is pregnant/up the stick/ whatever; people still know what the phrase means.

They probably are very happy but that doesn't mean that I have to like Lloyd - IMHO she is a disgusting racist; always has been, always will be. Keeps herself in the press by having her tits enlarged/reduced ad nauseam. Now she's preggers, she'll keep her plasticised mug in the papers even more
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