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Sad news from DOTYland courtesy of Pete's close friend and greasy orange sycophant Dim Wooden.

'Pancakes with the family!!!!!!!!'
Dim Wooden - lol!

NOW mag are soooo OTT with their KP hysteria....look at this link...the journalist is "angry" because KP annouced her the same month Peter Andre has a birthday! Sniggeringly tenuous.I know their paycheque depends on a keeping alive a war between the two but purlease....praps anger management Jess, huh?

I read Heat todays...apparently Pete's been confiding in his brother that Emily isn't read to settle down. It's all KP's fault of course. Is Emily's contract nearly up then? Countdown on to 'KP broke up me and Emily' stories I reckon. *sets watch*. Looks again at NOW mag...oh it's already happening!
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