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Originally Posted by Azura's Star;64480913[B
]Firstly,you have my unending admiration for having the balls to admit that you read Heat magazine.For shame.[/b]
Whilst there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that PA himself actually complained about her announcement coming in his birthday month (and WHO has a birthday MONTH ffs-most of us just have to settle for one day) it does sound like the PA pa machine is winding itself up for something.
I think you're right that it could only be the forerunner for one of two things.
PA and St Emily will announce their engagement.
PA and St Emily will split,leading to 5,247 magazine articles blaming it on KP accompanied by a set of photos of PA looking wistfully into the distance clutching a stethoscope to his manly chest.

(p.s Oh Az, I assure you I never buy these mags, I am nominated donut run person on a Tuesday and I flick though the mags in Tesco while balancing a box of Krispy Kreme)
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