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This is the great Mother that has chosen the fate of a number of previous pregnancies, and based that fate on her relationship at the time, poor old Harvey was up for debate! Wonder if he would be here, had Dane said he would take her back? And before anyone pulls me on my comments, i suggest you read her books.
So yes i do dislike Katie and not just for these reasons, but these too, she use's her lady box as some sort of handbag (where's me keys, where's me phone) or that she had casual sex whilst 6 months pregnant, or that she boasts of having long term friends, most of which are on the Pricey payroll, mocks ex friends (who side with Pete) for doing a not so porn movie, whilst she herself had been involved in a comedy porn movie, failed to remain faithful to most men that have been desperate enough to get involved with her.Publicly humiliating her ex's, by broadcasting intimate things that should remain private, treating her own Mother like s***, being a Mother ( and i use that title lightly) when the mood suits her. Disrespecting her ex's new partners, and family, using her kids as a weapon, treating her animals like the latest fashion accessory, promoting not so safe sex, claims of rape, yet allows the alleged perpetrator to walk free, allow innocent men to be harassed due to these so called rape claims, use's social network sites to have cheap digs at her ex's, do i really need to carry on?
Whilst always playing the poor little victim
And just a suggestion of a future Price merchandise, board games, called Guess who's the Daddy
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