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Whilst I do agree with a great deal of what you said,I have to absolutely disagree with the BIB.
I may very well be wrong(and it does happen VERY occasionally) but I think that in general KP is portrayed as anything BUT a victim.If anything it's the men in her life who are portrayed as naive,innocent victims of the evil one,whereas she is meant to be some kind of cross between Sadaam Hussein and the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
How many times as she shouted that men have done the dirty on poor little Katie and treated her so badly, perhaps if she remained faithful to one man, she would be treated better. Most of her men have already been lined up, even before the previous has left. She has shown little regard for anyone other than herself, as she is the most important thing in Katie Price's life. She has attacked so many women, with her acid tongue, and her justification, is people are nasty to her, well that's okay then Katie. I just hope her marriage to Kevin doesn't hit the rocks before the 24 wk pregnancy date
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