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Here we go - the usual excuse. 'She's made her own money - she's a good businesswoman', when the truth is she's an awful excuse for a woman, one who puts her life out there for all to see - regularly. Imo there's a hell of a lot of difference between her and Danielle Lloyd.
I suppose so - I mean I don't think I've read of Katie Price making any racist remarks. There's time I suppose
She might well have gone all out to get a footballer but at least she's stuck with him
After going through a few others first!
- more than you can say for Price who seems to have a revolving door policy in her bedroom.
What difference does it make how many partners Price has had? Probably off-topic but Rod Stewart has around eight kids by five different women - I suppose that makes him of loose morals too then. But no ... he's a man.
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