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Track listing for the deluxe edition of the soundtrack:

I'm a newbie to Les Mis, well relative to most posters on this thread, so I can't say this for sure but I think it has everything that was missing from the the original release. I wonder if the songs labelled [Deluxe Version] are extended, if so it means all those that aren't are exactly as they are in the film meaning no extended A Little Fall of Rain etc . Are they holding back for yet another release when they bring out the Director's Cut (hopefully there will be one), which I wouldn't be surprised to see being released at Christmas.
Well what with everything being performed live, if there isn't an extended cut of the film then there won't be an extended cut of certain songs on the album, because it's never been recorded. I very much doubt there'll be a third release anyway, because even comparing it to the show (ie. possible deleted scenes) there's hardly anything that might be missing as far as I can tell, and definitely nothing major enough to justify a whole new release. It's only because there are huge omissions from the first album which had us all in uproar (Do You Hear the People Sing, A Little Fall of Rain, Who Am I and basically the whole third act) that the second one's been accepted as necessary - and all the big omissions are on the next one.
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