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She openly admitted she only slept with Dwight to wind Dane up because (a) he was a Man U fan and DY was one of his heroes and (b) because (in her words) no one like the thought of their ex f**king a black man.

Always classy
How disgusting ! And verging on racist as well. "Oh but her child is mixed race & she was "f**king a black man so she can't be racist ..." is what her supporters will claim. WRONG. She has said she only did it to get back at love involved ,no attraction involved.....just a two fingered salute at Dane. She is beyond vile.

This Blondie, this makes my blood boil.

How can anyone keep defending this moronic, foul mouthed, vicious, ignorant, idiot is absolutely beyond me.

I can not compute how this festering skank who flies and flaunts her vile true colours so openly has "fans" and made millions from her revolting actions.
Well,what can one say. It really & truly is beyond comprehension what there is to admire about the freak that is KP----seriously,

'Clunge' - that's a new one on me!
That made me chuckle. My pal's 16 yr old has an old moped he bought to get to his early morning job.....does about 25mph tops & is only just roadworthy . He calls it "the Clunge Magnet." Personally I doubt a clunge has been within 10 ft of the grubby thing (the moped I mean,not his.........oh never mind.)
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