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Fake laugh?? And how can you tell if he's a compulsive liar, even now he's been clean for 5 years? You have to remember he spent a good few years on drugs, and drug addicts do lie.

You're talking about George in the past, and the whole Marilyn thing is in the past too. Him and Marilyn are good friends again now.

George has always been lovely but his natural niceness and ability to be loving and caring got lost in a mire of drugs, anger and bitterness. He's changed a lot since prison; As a fan, I never wanted to see him go down but it did him good, and he's changed for the better.
According to some people he is back on drugs again..also he was fighting with Marilyn on Twitter the other day.
Yeah he does have a fake stupid laugh, watch his newer interviews he also is a total fibber.
He is not an honest person as proved again by his total lies about One Direction at the Brits, he just can't stop lying ever.
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