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Whilst I agree with your comment re TV series being made into films - I actually LOVED the film version of Starsky & Hutch - and yes I was a fan of the original series (I loved Starsky my best friend loved Hutch). I love the film versions of The Brady Bunch too (despite not being a fan of the TV series).

I'd have no objections about a film version of Magnum PI - I could never get over Tom Selleck's manly physique and even manlier moustache coupled with the girliest voice (in particular the laugh) I've ever heard.
How very dare you, I adore Tom Selleck . Actually, I remember him being interviewed on Wogan's TV show and saying that he'd seen himself on TV over here and that he sounded like a chipmunk - it was something to do with the way the way American video/film was transferred to the British system. Or so he said

I've never actually seen the S&H and Miami Vice films, so I'm not saying they are bad films. I've just got a bit of a thing about seeing other actors, other than the originals, playing those roles. I'm the same with TV series made from films (Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stargate SG1 etc). It's just a bit of a quirk I have!

I was a Hutch fan by the way and my best friend was a Starsky fan. We even both had Starsky cardigans
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