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Thunderball - great first hour with an intriguing plot and genuinely engaging characters - then it descends into endless underwater sequences and nothing much else, and by the end is intensely boring.

Quantum of Solace - in the second half of the film, all the most interesting characters disappear to varying degrees, the film rushes into a half-baked conclusion, and the final scenes are a mess.
^^ BIB: While I don’t rate 'Quantum' that highly, I think the worst thing about the film is the showdown between Bond and Greene, character development (besides Bond), the lack of a Bondian feel (the action and fast pace make it feel more like a Bourne film) and the stupid editing. The ending (confrontation with Greene aside) though, imo is one of the best parts of the film, and the very last scenes with Bond, Vesper’s lover and M is the best part of the film and contains the best line of the feature: “I never left!” I still don’t rate the film too highly though, but it’s far from dreadful. 'Die Another Day' is ten times worse than 'Quantum' imo.

I agree with Thunderball and tbh I find the entire film slow, but the finale is very boring and disappointing. The underwater scenes (as good as they look) just drag on and on and I lose interest. The film itself also doesn’t flow as well as some of the other Bond films imo.

For a non-Bond related film that has a good start but a bad ending, I’d nominate 'No Country For Old Men'. Brilliant film, brilliant setting, brilliant writing, brilliant acting – especially Javier Bardem – but the final act of the movie is awful. There’s no showdown between the main characters, things are left up in the air and so on…. It’s like the writers just gave up during act three and scribbled an ending on a fag packet. The first three quarters of the film are very good though and Bardem is hypnotically amazing throughout! Killer performance! Literally!
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