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In November 1983 a former Home Secretary Leon Brittan was investigated by The News of The World and came to the conclusion there was nothing in the rumours. The Mail on Sunday came to the same conclusion in January 1984.

Do the shape shifting sheep and some contributors to this forum choose to ignore this because it doesn't suit their agenda ?

There was a suggestion an intelligence failure led to the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyian Embassy in April 1984. As a consequence Leon Brittan was going to shake up MI5, and the rumours re surfaced.

Is it because of their game plan the shape shifting sheep cover this up?

But more bizarrely is the turning on its head a question regarding the smearing of politician by MI5, possibly on anti semetic grounds.

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. I should like to seek your advice on how we can raise the important matter of the reported allegation that disgruntled MI5 officers have smeared the Home Secretary, perhaps for his handling of the Libyan siege, perhaps for anti-Semitic reasons...

Harry Cohen MP, House of Commons 27 June 1984.
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