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According to some people he is back on drugs again..also he was fighting with Marilyn on Twitter the other day.
Yeah he does have a fake stupid laugh, watch his newer interviews he also is a total fibber.
He is not an honest person as proved again by his total lies about One Direction at the Brits, he just can't stop lying ever.
If anything I'd say he was too honest for his own good. He can be bitchy - he can be wrong - but perhaps what you see as publicity seeking is just having strong opinions and being perhaps unwise to let an issue lie.

I think the bad blood with Marilyn was due to Marilyn's conduct when George was on drugs - he felt a tad betrayed by Marilyn going to the papers about it. He may not be feuding with Marilyn again - a lot of what sounds like fighting on-line could well just be banter. 'Some' people could be wrong or they could be totally unreliable.
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