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You could, but they wouldn't necessarily dry. Who wants to wear wet or damp pants?

You could take at least two pairs and still travel light. And hopefully have dry pants.
Ugh, no thanks (lol). I know women are usually accused of packing too much but I think I'd be fairly insistent of packing spare clothes just incase - when flying its best to put spare pairs in another bag incase the suitcase goes missing, which has happened to me before. Being abroad with only the clothes on your back isn't much fun(!) but I suppose its different on cruises, you cant really lose your luggage unless its thrown overboard, presumably?. Its not as if they take up much space but anyywaayyy...

I had a quick look on youtube and it seems as if all footage from the Louis documentary has been taken off? there were clips there last October, I remember watching one or two but I can't see any now. I guess the BBC find it embarrassing and decided to pull it citing copyright issues maybe? having said that, it features on one of Louis' official DVD boxsets which you can still buy. I have a few of his boxsets, I like his documentaries generally... the Chris Eubank show was particularly good, I thought (pardon going slightly off topic there).
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